The WHO estimates that about 60% of death is attributed to chronic disease. These disease are often labeled as idiopathic and seemingly different, there is a clear link that nearly all these disease share. That link is an overlooked condition called insulin resistance.
Insulin resistance is a hormonal disbalance. As the name implies, it occurs when certain cells in the body become unresponsive to the hormone insulin. To compensate, the pancreas begins to secrete higher levels of insulin. This leads to a state of hyperinsulinemia.

Insulin resistance has been well documented to play a role in all of the following conditions:

Metabolic Syndrome 
    – Obesity, Hypertension, Low HDL, High triglycerides, High blood sugar
Cognitive Decline
    – Mild cognitive impairment & alzheimer’s
Heart Disease

Fortunately, Insulin resistance can be both prevented and reversed with some combination of intermittent fasting and a low carbohydrate diet.
Additionally, health is more than just a disease free state. Health improvement should alway be everyone’s goal. Biohacking techniques help fulfill this important goal. 

Intermittent Fasting

Restore your health

Intermittent fasting limits your daily insulin exposure. The body gets a break from the fat storing hormone insulin for a large part of the day, allowing the fat burning hormone, glucagon to dominate. This helps achieve fat loss and restore insulin sensitivity.

During the fasted state, the body will also produce ketones which are a superfuel for your brain and act as signaling molecules for health optimization.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Gain Resilience

A low Carbohydrate diet decreases the total carbohydrate load. Lowering glucose and starch intake decreases insulin demands; This helps improve insulin sensitivity. Lowering fructose intake prevents and combats fatty liver disease.  

Due to lack of carbohydrates, the body learns to becomes a fat burning machine. This means that you can now tap into stored fat for energy. This directly leads to fat loss, decreased hunger and decreased inflammation.


Optimize your wellbeing

Biohacking helps further improve and optimize your health. 

Great health is beyond absence of disease. Biohacking techniques train your body to function at a higher level. Biohacking also teaches the body to become resilient to stress and insults to the system. This leads to better work efficiency and productivity.