To become the 1%, you need to do what the other 99% won’t.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking refers to implementing positive lifestyle habits and practices as a means of achieving optimal health.

Optimal health does not just refer to the absence of disease.
Optimal health refers to achieving your best state of self.
This includes your physiological function, physical ability, mental capacity and emotional state.

Chronic disease, is an adaptation to toxic exposure and insults to any one of these dimensions.
Optimal health, is an adaptation to constructive and beneficial exposure, which helps improve one or more of our dimensions of health.

Biohacking involves adopting habits and practices into your life which will help you function at a higher level, become more productive, prevent disease and wake up every morning feeling vibrant and liberated. 

Chronic disease does not affect everyone in the same way.
Likewise, certain biohacking techniques will not have the same benefits for everyone. 
This is why Biohacking needs to be individualized and monitored.
Common examples include: Hydrotherapy, Supplementation, High intensity interval training, meditation/prayer, tactical breathing techniques, grounding and more.